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The Purpose of this Project:

To allow patients and their doctors to communicate safely and effectively.
We want to facilitate the hard work of doctors and help to improve the quality of care they offer to their patients. We want to provide patients with quick and simple access to their doctor.

Care Issues that We Help Solve:

For Patients

Many urgent issues can be resolved with a simple conversation, but a patient may not have enough time (or courage) to visit a doctor at their regular clinic. You need quick access to your doctor, but you may be far away from home.

For Doctors

Patients are also increasingly turning to their doctors for confidential information through various channels (telephone, social networks, e-mail). These media do not protect medical secrecy, and do not comply with data protection laws and GDPR requirements. The doctor is constantly under the pressure to be always available, free of charge.
Increasingly, short online consultations with patients are equired, such as sending laboratory test results, prescribing medications, or reviewing treatment options.