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Mobile App for Confidential Communication between Patients and their Personal Doctors

  • Doctors can communicate directly with their patients from anywhere in the world
  • All correspondence is encrypted and fully secure
  • GDPR requirements are met

Your health data always remains a secret!


For Doctors

Download the app to your mobile phone
Register as a doctor with
Create an individual, personalized price list for consultations. Invite your patients to connect with you online using a personal code
When a consultation is requested, you determine the fee before you talk with your patient
An invoice will be sent to the patient automatically
You can be sure that all correspondence is encrypted and completely confidential, we care about your privacy

For Patients

Download the app to your mobile phone and get a personal code from your doctor
Now you can communicate directly via chat to request a consultation;, your doctor will notify you of its cost before any medical information is exchanged
With, you can get a complete consultation using only your phone
Your correspondence is fully encrypted and can only be read by you and your doctor
An invoice will be sent to you after you confirm the fee and the consultation completed
Your correspondence and your medical information are completely confidential on the app. Your privacy is very important to us