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Time Saving

Do you need attention from your doctor?
Do you want to ask your family physician a question without waiting at a clinic for hours?
Are you at home, at work or on a trip and can’t get to your doctor’s office? allows you to have a the medical consultation you need anytime, anywhere.

Trust and Security

Communication through the app is carried out using a simple chat tool.
Your personal doctor, whom you trust, is always the one in touch with you. You can ask personal and intimate questions about your health condition and send and receive the results of medical examinations. All chat conversations and documents are fully encrypted. No one except you and your doctor have access to your exchange.

Money Saving

Your doctor will suggest a fee when you request a consultation. If you accept the offer, you will
Be billed automatically, receive your invoice on your phone. A medical consultation will save you time and effort both online and waiting in a long queue at a regular clinic.
You can arrange your consultation without interrupting your business trip or vacation by traveling home or looking for a local doctor in an unfamiliar city or country. Of course, it must be borne in mind that an online consultation cannot always replace a personal visit to a doctor.


The purpose of the app is to provide excellent, industry-leading services to patients that we are actively developing with you and your doctors. Within that framework of continuous improvement, we guarantee that your data will never be accessed by unauthorized persons neither will it be commercialized. We are always happy to receive comments and suggestions about how to improve services.