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Patients are increasingly asking their doctors to use alternative communication channels to answer their questions or to discuss medical examination results. The confidential nature of the relationship between doctors and their patients and the laws protecting patient privacy make it is difficult to use channels such as the telephone or non-secure e-mail and social network platforms. In addition, questions concerning methods of payment always arise. The app resolves all these issues.

Trust and Security

Using a simple encrypted chat tool, you can communicate confidentially with your patients. You can conduct online consultations that are stripped of any personal identifiers fully within all legal norms. Your chat and any files that are exchanged are fully encrypted. No one except you and your patients have access to this sensitive data. Each patient’s identity is stored on your device and is visible only to you.

Earn Money

As a doctor, you are at the service of your patients, but you want to be paid for your work too. The app allows you to arrange for paid consultations with a fee that the patient approves in advance. An invoice for each consultation is sent to your patient automatically by the app.

Time Saving and Availability

With the app you can consult your patients anytime and from anywhere in the world. You set your working hours and the app only accepts online consultations according to your schedule. In emergency cases outside of your business hours, patients must be come to your office.


Our goal is to provide useful, simple, cost effective services for doctors and their patients. We also intend to learn from your suggestions for how we can improve our services. As a doctor, you can become directly involved in the development of